Nyle - CEO

"BBB Studios has been a passion of mine I created back in 2011. It means everything to me and for it to succeed I will push the boundaries to get all the way to the top! We have a very talented team and I can see a bright future for the business, and we won’t be stopping any time soon!"

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James - Behaviors & Mechanics

"I started playing minecraft in 2012, and was always enthused by redstone and command blocks, now, 6 years on, I get to pursue a passion, with a wonderful team!"

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Marc - Artwork & Models

"Since 2012, I’ve been exploring the wonderful universe of Minecraft. Everything started with just some survival adventures and continued with creative experiences and entity modelling. As a Modeler and Artwork manager, I believe that a serious implication is the key to the success."

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Tina - COO

"I got started with Minecraft 3 years ago to play with my kids. Who knew I would find such joy in the Minecraft Community and the pleasure of meeting Blaze and forming such a great business with wonderful staff and team members."

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Thijs - Administrative & Application

"Working at BBB Studios is just amazing. Everyone is super friendly and we all get along nicely. A great place with a great atmosphere!"

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Plus many more awesome BBB Studios members!

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